Sunday, January 27, 2008

A beer at Cafe Etc.

The beer I prefer out of the lot of them.
I was enjoying a Bohemia Classic at Juans' "Cafe Etc. yesterday. His place is just down Calle Relox past the Biblioteca. It's an outdoor patio setting with good food and coffee. He has a great side business that is popular with the gringos, he makes copies of current and classis DVD movies and music for sale and has a extensive catalogs of both. There are usually several people flipping through the numerous binders that he keeps on shelves by the cash register. These are quality CD's And DVD's, not like the ones you can get at the tuesday, outdoor market where you will most likely get a movie that is a copy from a hand held camera recording from the local cineplex. Many buy their coffee from Juan too. A kilo bag of espresso beans for around $8.50 usd. Anyway, the original point here is that he is one of ;the few places that has Bohemia in the cooler. After the first, I ordered 'una mas', but as is the tradition(?) here in Mexico nothing is forever and it seems Juan is temporarily out. My choices then became Sol (ultra light) or Indio (kinda the same only with a better label). I chose the Indio. The picture of Montezuma beckoned me. Well, it could have been just that one beer but, there was a distinct metallic flavor (oxidized?), that made me regret my choice, but the weather was warm and balmy that day and I had nowhere to go so I sat back and sipped my bebida and listened to the solo violin wafting from the naked speaker nailed in the corner to the concrete wall and opened my beginning spanish homework book.

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