Wednesday, January 30, 2008

San Miguel Cerveza

The standard in Mexico
I've tried pretty much every cerveza available here in San Miguel. I knew coming to Mexico that the beer would be light lagers and so I settled into accepting the loss of those bold, malty and ultra hopped beers I was used to on the west coast and tempered my taste buds to fit the local offerings. Modelo is the 'Bud', or should I say Coors/Molson of Mexico and they have an extensive selection of beer that ranges from minimal malt and hop flavor (Negro Modelo), to effectively No hop and what appears to be just the remnants of malt (Corona). I settled for awhile on Victoria which has some beer like flavors that my pallet could detect. Also the 'Mega' Super Mercado has their brand name version of a Bohemian Pils that was surprisingly similar to what one might expect from a European import (in the can only). Then, to my surprise I discovered 'Bohemia' which , although light in malt, had a distinctive Saaz(?) hop flavor and aroma. Bohemia is what I buy when I can find it and for some reason it is a rare item in San Miguel. I suspect that it doesn't sell very well here because of the pronounce hop flavor. Some, used to the typical samplings may taste the hops and think that the beer has gone bad or something. In the mean time I wait patiently for my bottled beer to carbonate (2 days more!!). Speaking of my beer, after taking a gravity reading and tasting the sample, I actually scared myself with the huge hop profile, after being weened on the likes of Victoria for the last few weeks. I don't think the friends I've made down here will appreciate the flavor of my beer but, I'm pretty sure I will.

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