Monday, February 25, 2008

Art in the park

I spent a quiet Saturday trying to sell prints of Susan's paintings at the Jaurez Park today. There was a clutch of artist with their paintings spread out along the benches and hedge rows lie wash on the line. Our artist friends, Steve and his son Noah pointed me towards a space on a concrete bench that I could use for displaying, but warned that each artist has their personal spot that they use each weekend and that I should move if the artist that works that area shows up. He did. I moved and offered my apologies quickly not wanting any friction. After a short while an older Mexican woman (also an artist) approached and spoke in rapid Spanish. Understanding some words I deduced that I was suppose to be a signed member of this art group and if I wasn't, I should leave. I asked in broken Spanish if she had the forms for me to sign and she nodded yes slowly and left to get them from her bolsa(bag). Soon she returned and with Steve interpreting we agreed that I could show Susan's paintings today but no more. This was actually good because I had no intention of returning as I didn't sell a thing. The tourist eased by casually scanning our wares, amused at our attempts and then filtered down to the park by the church to drink warm Cokes and watch each other pass.

In the mean time, I tried my first sampling of my second batch of homebrew. I call it the 'meil de agave pale ale'. I am impressed with the crisp distinct mouth feel and a strong aroma and flavor of Cascade hops. Alas, I am unable to detect any agave flavor. Perhaps, tonight at the gathering I am having to sample beer, someone will claim that they have found the taste of agave.

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