Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lost all hope

This is a serving tray I got at the Tuesday market

I've pretty much given up on trying to get malted barley in Mexico. I've done innumerable internet searches, questioned everyone I've met in San Miguel, sent e-mail inquiries to Mexican breweries and NADA. The other day while waiting at the counter at the local pizzeria, I asked the owner/Italian/ex-patriot if he knew anything. "No," he says "but if anyone in San Miguel can help you it would be Enselmo, the head chef down at Bella Italian Resturant. So, with the new hope of positive info I set off for 'Enselmo'. Enslemo is a small man with a tall white chef hat fussing away in the kitchen of Bella Italian. He is kind and patient enough to entertain my questions. He was indeed very knowledgeable and hopeful even claiming to have brewed himself back in Italy for the Octoberfest. Unfortunately, he assured me that malted barley was not to be had in Mexico. "No one uses it except to make beer and only the big companies make beer, so you see, you won't find it anywhere." He looked at me sympathetically but insistent.
Now, as a final option, I must consider bringing down grain or malt extract when we return next year. This means I need to find out what fees I will need to pay at the boarder and whether it will be to much to afford for my personal consumption much less profitable production.

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