Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ready to leave

My brew sculpture on Whidbey, I miss it

Well, I'm about to wrap up here in San Miguel de Allende and head back to the States. I've boxed up what little beer making equipment I want to return with and all but a few of the homebrews are left to drink. I have saved a couple to take back to the mescalaria when the owner and his partner are around. They are suppose to be in town today or tomorrow and will be bringing with them a list of all the material suppliers. I am hopeful that that list will have a malted barley wholesaler on it. In the mean time, I am feeling complete here and ready to get back to work at earning money. There is something about work that gives my life a sense of purpose. I would like to get past that need for meaning but for now it's what I have and so I have to use it. I am also excited about firming up my commitments with a couple of colleges that I have proposed teaching brewing at and also re-connecting with old friends. We leave for Mexico city on the 28th for a few days before our flight back and I look forward to the search for micro-brews and maybe beer making ingredients. It is hard to imagine a city as large as Mexico city without a homebrew store.

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