Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beer Tasting

The beer tasting class is coming up soon. I still have beers to drink
to prepare for it. I will be presenting 8 classic examples that I
hope will inspire the students to expand on their choices of beer in the future. I will be introducing the following but not necessarily in this order: Erdinger (S. German wheat), Duvel (Belgian golden ale), Guiness (dry stout), Pilsner Urquell (pilsener), Samichlaus (Bock), Schlenkerla (smoked beer), Homebrewed (German rye) and an American pale ale (brewer?).
Also, a Boon (Gueuze) that I hope won't scare anyone that is not used to Lambik.
I have tasted about half of the above and am using the AHA beer score sheet (checklist version for sensory evaluation) to prepare my own take on each of the beers. I am anxiously waiting for the college to let me know how many students have signed up for the class. I would love 20-30 people tasting and giving impressions of the beers.
In the mean time, I have 10 gallons of the German rye in the fermenter at 64f., I could not locate a commercial example anywhere. I think having home brewed beer to sample will be a plus for those students in the tasting class that will be continuing on for the 5 week homebrewing class. It will give them a taste of the possibilities of homebrewing.

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