Friday, January 9, 2009

Caballero Aguila

A friend of mine across the street (Calle Vergel) from us who is down from Detroit, Michigan for the winter, invited me over for a couple games of cribbage and he offered me a beer. Of course I couldn't refuse and so he set before me a bottle of Caballero Aguila (Aztec warrior). An embossed symbol of the warrior stands out on the neck of the heavy blue bottle.
This is a beer produced at the Corralejo Tequila distillery which is located at in an 18th century Ex-Hacienda Corralejo in Penjamo, Guanajuato, Mexico. . This is an interesting beer in that it looks and tastes similar to a porter but it seems clear from the overall character (body, mouthfeel, aroma) that a lager yeast is being used to ferment (Mexican beers are exclusively lagers). The label states '100% malta' which is unique for mexican beers, it also has a substantial 5% abv. It pours obscure black with a thin head that dissapeared almost immediately. Roasted coffee and chocolate flavors dominate and a heavy dose of dark crystal malt put it on the sweet side. Very little if any hop aroma or flavor. Thin mouthfeel. Low carbonation. I'm not sure how to classify this beer other than as a dark lager even though others have suggested that it is a stout?
This same brewery does produce an ale that has a distinctive Belgian Double quality to it called 'Potro' although again they claim it as a stout, and naturally it stands out amoung the usuals down here. Also, I have heard that they brew a beer called 'Horus' which is a beer and tequila blend that sounds interesting at 12% abv. I will review Potro and Horus in future posts as soon as I can find them. The liquour store that carried Potro last year does not have it now for some reason that they can not explain.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark, welcome to the beer blogging community. Just as a courtesy, there is already an establishd blog called the Beer Diary. You may want to rethink your blog name out of respect for the other site.

Mark Taylor said...

From the author of '' not to be confused with my blog!

Hi Mark,I am aware of your blog and read it from time to time. I have no issues with your blog name and I agree it is unlikely to cause much confusion amongst the community. As you may realise, a lot of what I blog about is tounge in cheek anyway and is in no way intended to be taken seriously. I actually started the blog as a joke!Anyhow, thanks for the email, and keep up the good work.Tim


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