Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cerveza Potro

As promised in an earlier post I will give a quick review of Potro. This is another Cervecera Mexicana Ex-hacienda Corralejo product that is brewed in Penjamo, in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico Although Corralejo is primarily a tequilaria, they brew three different beers. Potro, Caballero Aguila and Horus which is a blend of tequila and beer and is 14% abv. Potro (colt) is a dark porter style beer with very little head and low carbonation. The first thing I tasted when taking my first mouthful is the smoked character of the grain. Subtle but upfront, the smoke took me by surprise because I didn't expect it in a porter. There was also a paper and metallic flavor that distracts from the minimal maltiness. My friend who tasted with me thought that there was something wrong with it, like it had gone bad. I don't think so, I remember having this beer last year and it is the same. I believe that it is brewed to taste as it is, but I suspect that it may have some oxydized or staling elements to the flavor. The style of the bottle is unique and from what I can gather from the internet it is designed specifically to be held by the long neck when drinking to prevent the beer from warming by the drinkers hand. There are some dried fruit and caramel flavors as you get past the smoke.

The Potro brewery with beer on the line.

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