Sunday, February 8, 2009

First Beer/Food Pairing Event

Beer and food pairing event sells out in San Miguel de Allende with overwhelming response.

Mark Taylor and Noren Caseres

Aside from a few logistical glitches, Noren Caseres (owner of El Burrito Bistro) and I managed to serve a 'reservations only' crowd of sixty people last night with home brewed beer and a three course meal. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and I had a lot of people ask me if they could buy the beers that were served with dinner followed by 'when will you do something like this again?' In the mean time, I learned a few lessons as the evening progressed. The biggest lesson was that if I do this again it will be with kegged beer. Also, serving people three courses would be better managed if they were served in larged groups rather than as they arrived. The owner of Cerveze de San Miguel was present for the evening and expressed and interest in working together to come up with some special and or seasonal beers. I was honored. I hope to use what I learned this evening to do other home brew and food pairings back in the states and also when I return to Mexico next year.

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Anonymous said...

What beers did you pair with what food?

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