Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Big Brew Recipe Changes

I'll be participating in the 'Big Brew' event this coming weekend of May 2nd along with several other Zymurgeek club members http://www.zymurgeeks.org/ We'll be setting up our rigs in the parking lot of one of the micro-breweries here, the Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing Co. http://www.santacruzmountainbrewing.com/ at 9am. I decided to brew the recommended Saison recipe that is posted at the Brewers Association web site http://beertown.org/events/bigbrew/ but with a few modifications to suit a couple needs.

One being a personality traits that can only be described as 'cheap', the other is the need to use the materials that I have on hand. For the cheap part, I have decided to just get some oatmeal and puffed wheat from the grocery store instead of paying more for flaked oats and flaked wheat at the local home brew store.

Secondly, and this may also fall into the cheap category, I don't have any 'Vienna' grain and can't get it before Saturday so, I figured that a 50/50 blend of Munich and Pilsner malt ought to fit the bill. The rest of the recipe will remain the same although I will be scaling back 5% overall for the grain because my efficiency is typically 80%-85% and the recipe is based on a 75% efficiency. Hope you all enjoy your Big Brew day! Cheers.

Yeast from Whitelabs

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