Thursday, August 20, 2009

Decoction Mashed Dunkelweizen

This is my typical Dunkelweizen recipe that I went a step further with by performing a single step decoction mash in order to improve on the malty/caramel flavor component. After tasting the first sample of this revised brew, the results of the additional efforts were evident. Improved malt flavors with a smooth creamy mouth feel. The following is the recipe and the steps I took to brew it.

This Dunkel looks lighter because of back lighting

10gals. all-grain recipe.

efficiency 77%

attenuation 78%

abv 5.3%

ibu's 25

o.g. 1.050

f.g. 1.011

8lbs. 2-row

10lbs. malted wheat

.5 lbs. crystal #60

1.5lbs. aromatic

4 oz. chocolate

1 oz. black patent

*2 tsp. gypsum in mash

mash in 5 gal. h2o @120f. for 20 min.

pull 1/3 volume of mash and heat to 160f. rest for 20 min.

next, boil this portion for 20 min.then

add back to mash tun to bring full volume of mash to 154f., let rest for 30 min.

then sparge until you have 13 gals. liquid to begin boil.

60min boil

1.5oz. hallertau @ 7aa for 45min.

1.5oz. hallertau @ 7aa for 10min.

chill to 65f. and pitch stepped up whitelabs hefe IV yeast starter and ferment until complete.

keg and refrigerate/condition for 3 weeks.

This is a great summer time beer. Nice malty character with plenty of spicy phenolic qualities.

Low in alcohol makes this a very quaffable beer.

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