Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First Homebrew Class In Mexico

I finally did it! I conducted my first homebrew class in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico on Sunday January 24th, 2010. The attendance was small but enthusiastic and included one student who only spoke Spanish. Using my bad Spanglish and exagerated gestures I was able to convery a lot of the brewing process and fortunately, another of the students spoke both English and Spanish and was gracious enough to help out with the more difficult interpretations.

This was an introductory course on brewing with malt extract and some steeping grains. It was a simple recipe that included:

6 lbs. dry malt extract

6.5 gals. bottled water

8oz. crystal #60 steeping grains

8oz. 2-row steeping grains

3 additions of hops
and fermented with us-05 dry ale yeast.

I brewed and fermented this exact batch a week prior to this class so that the students were also able to learn to bottle the beer and to take some of it home with them to allow to condition and enjoy the beer they made. Lasting about four hours, the class included a lot of interaction and good questions. It seemed to be a great success for the first ever beer class in San Miguel. I felt proud that I was finally able to get all of the needed ingredients here in Mexico to make it happen, and to be able to pass on that information so that the students could get what they need to begin brewing on their own.

Friend and homebrew student Carlos kindly took pictures to document this momentous occasion and I'm will plan to post some of those soon. You can see Carlos's San Miguel Blog here.

Next up for me in Mexico?
Now that I have a malted barley supplier here, I am planning an all-grain brewing class that utilizes the equipment that can be purchased locally. If you're interested in this more advanced class, you can find out more information and register here.


Anonymous said... it legal to brew beer in Mexico? Can you get supplies?

Beer Diary... said...

Yes, it is legal to homebrew in Mexico. You can purchase supplies from a few homebrew retail stores, Fermentando is one of them.

Anonymous said...

hi, I'm in the protect of moving to Mexico, a town called zihuatanejo and hopefully start a micro brewer, do you have any type of knowledge about why there are so few micro brewers in the country? with all the exotic flavors one would think that brewing was a lot bigger over there.

Beer Diary... said...

Mexico is in the same boat that the U.S. was in about 30 years ago. Most people in the U.S. also just drank the light mega beers like Bud and Coors and were quite happy with the choice. Once introduced to a variety of different and more importantly, flavorful beer the tide turned and the microbrew revolution took hold. Mexico is in the infancy of this change and although Modelo is kind of like Budweiser with a loyal following, more and more homebrewers are emerging and they are the future of the micro brewery business to come.

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