Monday, December 13, 2010

Brown Ale With Joanna's Almond Toffee

Personal friend and excellent candy maker Joanna always brings in a large batch of her chocolate covered almond toffee to the Thanksgiving gathering each year and I can't get enough of this delicious dessert. This naturally led to the idea of combining her toffee with a classic brown ale and so I proposed brewing a batch of beer and incorporating the toffee into the recipe. Joanna agreed to make a special batch of the candy, modifying her recipe slightly by eliminating the butter that she uses because I thought that the butter might negatively effect the head and head retention on the finished beer. We also agreed to leave off the chocolate coating for the same reasons and to make up for the loss I added cocoa powder to the boiling wort. The results: a wonderful brown with the complimentary flavor of toasted almond and toffee. This beer has a warm nutty character with subtle chocolate notes and a definite almond presence. This is a great beer for the season even though the alcohol is low the flavor is big and satisfying. Here's lifting a glass to Joanna for generously contributing to a delicious holiday brew.

The following is the 10 gallon recipe for an American brown ale using Joanna's famous almond toffee.

Added ingredients

Eff. 90%
attn. 79%
abv 5.25%
srm 18
ibu 26
og 1.048

Mash in 5 gals. h2o at 158f. for 60min.

14lbs. of 2-row
8oz. chocolate malt
2oz. roasted barley
4oz. aromatic

Sparge with 10.5gals h2o at 170f. for 40 mins to achieve a 90% efficiency

Boil wort vigorously for 60 mins. with -
12oz. Joanna's seasonal almond toffee (placed in a nylon bag to capture almonds)

1oz. Columbus hop pellets at 14% alpha acid for 26 ibu's

Add 2oz. Hershey's cocoa powder for 15 mins. of the boil
Add Irish moss for 15mins. of the boil

Chill to 65f. and aerate going into fermentor and add 2 pkgs. of us05 dry ale yeast
ferment at 65f until complete


Jim said...

What a fantastic sounding recipe. This seriously sounds like it the perfect drink for the holidays.

Ryan said...

That sounds awesome! I recently made a Chocolate Almond Dark Ale, which turned out great. I think I might try something like this in the future.

Beer Diary... said...

Thanks for checking in guys. This is a good recipe. I'm considering amping the alcohol up to create more of a 'Winter warmer' style this coming season with the same flavor profile. Cheers!

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