Monday, February 21, 2011

California Homebrew Club Of The Year

The awards ceremony and luncheon for the California Homebrew Club of the Year winners was held again at Anchor Brewing in San Francisco and the winner is.... the Maltos Falcons, again. This Southern California club is huge with over 300 members and are very active in their communities and in the homebrewing arena so it's not surprising that they have now won this title seven times. There are so many members in this club that they have their own band which performed during the event and they were pretty good.

Anchor Brewing was a great host as usual and provided not only their regular line up of outstanding beers but debuted a brown ale that was excellent.

Anchor's brewer Ollie said "brew master Mark Carpenter's first brew and it's named after Gottlieb Breckle who bought a brewery in S.F. in 1871 which twenty five years later became Anchor Brewing. The Breckle Brown is kind of a 'hats off' to him because he started it all."
The Anchor website has more details on the the man that inspired the idea of Breckle's Brown
All those homebrewers that were in attendance were also served an amazing lunch of Tri-tip, BBQ chicken, mash potato's, corn on the cob and salad by Anchor employees. I attended with a few fellow Zymurgeeks and we scored a special tour of the facilities which included the room where the new owners were storing oak casks to later be used for holding their ever expanding line of distilled products

I appreciate Anchor Brewing for allowing me to be included and also, a special thanks goes out to Dave B. for being our designated driver.

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