Sunday, June 12, 2011

National Homebrewers Conference Schedule

I'm heading South this week to attend the NHC from Thursday through Saturday and I've got plans to post my experiences here at least once a day if not more. Tentatively, I will try and get one video post per day that will feature a presentation that I have the most interest in. Those would be:
  1. Brewing With Brett: speaker Chad Yakobson on Thursday the 16th.
  2. Historical Extreme Beers: speaker Mitch Steele on Friday the 17th.
  3. Non-sour Barrel Aging: speaker Tomme Arthur on Saturday the 18th.

These are suppose to be one hour lectures and so I will be breaking them down into 4 - fifteen minute segments. At least this is the plan. It's a long process loading video onto my computer, editing and then uploading to YouTube but I'm going to give it a try.

Along with the videos I will be trying for some candid pictures, interviews and such, of the other activities I attend like the Pro-Brewer night and Club night.

So, if you're not attending this event, check back here for what I hope will be interesting and educational posts almost live from San Diego.


Jan said...

Good luck Mark, sounds like quite a task! Looking forward to whatever comes our way.. Don't miss out on enjoying all the great beer..

Beer Diary... said...

Thanks Jan,
I definately won't miss out on the beers, I really looking forward to ProBrewer night! My only concern is blogging while under the influence (kind of like drunk calling) which you'll have to forgive me for if the writing seems fuzzy.

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