Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Competition Results For SC County Fair

Congratulations to all of the competitors in this years Santa Cruz County Fair homebrewing contest.
The following are the results from this years event. Please forward this to anyone you know that may have entered beer this year.

Competition Results SC County Fair 2011

Best of Show Winner
Chris Scianni

Flight Winners - Flight Description - Beer Style

Robert Conticello - English Brown Ale, Porter - Mild
Harendra Goontilleke - English/Imperial IPA - Imperial IPA
Katie Lipton - Belgian Strong, Sour Ale, Strong Ale - Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Michael Lipton - Wheat/Rye, Belgian/French - Belgian Specialty Ale
Larry Lynch-Freshner - Fruit, Spice/Herb/Vegetable, Smoke/Wood - Classic Rauchbier
Sean McMasters - Stout - American Stout
Dennis Nolan - Mead- Braggot
Dennis Nolan - Cider - Common Cider
Gary Schilling - Hybrids - California Common Beer
Chris Scianni - American IPA - American IPA
Mark Taylor - Lagers - Standard American Lager
Chris Thomsen - Specialty - Specialty Beer
Zac Whitehouse - American Ale - American Pale Ale
Joe Williams - Ales - Scottish Heavy 70/-

Individual Awards

Award Level: First

Chris Casey 28 Other Specialty Cider/Perry
Robert Conticello 11 Mild
Robert Conticello 22 Wood-Aged Beer
Hoffner & Padilla 20 Fruit Beer
Michael Lipton 16 Belgian Specialty Ale
Larry Lynch-Freshner 22 Classic Rauchbier
Dennis Nolan 27 Common Cider
Gary Schilling 07 California Common Beer
Mark Taylor 01 Standard American Lager
Mark Taylor 05 Doppelbock
Chris Thomsen 23 Specialty Beer
Brian Valdivia 05 Doppelbock
Joe Williams 01 Dortmunder Export
Joe Williams 09 Scottish Heavy 70/-
Joe Williams 16 Belgian Pale Ale

Award Level: Second

Shailendra Bist 18 Belgian Dubbel
Dave Bossie 23 Specialty Beer
Mia Bossie 22 Other Smoked Beer
Cathy Carlson 26 Open Category Mead
Chris Casey 27 Common Cider
Robert Conticello 02 Bohemian Pilsner
Robert Conticello 14 Imperial IPA
Robert Conticello 16 Saison
Harendra Goontilleke 14 Imperial IPA
Hoffner & Padilla 16 Witbier
Hoffner & Padilla 13 Oatmeal Stout
Hoffner & Padilla 10 American Brown Ale
Adam Holter 16 Belgian Specialty Ale
Adam Holter 22 Wood-Aged Beer
Adam Holter 17 Berliner Weisse
Colin Kelly 01 Dortmunder Export
Jeff Klatt 23 Specialty Beer
Jeff Klatt 10 American Amber Ale
Paul Konopelski 23 Specialty Beer
Tim Landon 20 Fruit Beer
Robert Lauer 14 Imperial IPA
Carol Lezin 03 Oktoberfest/Marzen
Carol Lezin 02 German Pilsner (Pils)
Michael Lipton 13 Russian Imperial Stout
Marq Lipton 13 Russian Imperial Stout
Michael Lipton 18 Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Michael Lipton 23 Specialty Beer
Katie Lipton 18 Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Larry Lynch-Freshner 16 Belgian Specialty Ale
Larry Lynch-Freshner 06 Kölsch
Kirk Mathew 21 Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
Kirk Mathew 18 Belgian Dubbel
Kirk Mathew 10 American Pale Ale
Kirk Mathew 16 Belgian Specialty Ale
Sean McMasters 23 Specialty Beer
Sean McMasters 13 American Stout
Dennis Nolan 28 Other Specialty Cider/Perry
Dennis Nolan 26 Braggot
Dennis Nolan 28 Apple Wine
Steve Rannals 23 Specialty Beer
Chris Scianni 14 American IPA
Chris Scianni 12 Brown Porter
Mark Taylor 14 Imperial IPA
Chris Thomsen 21 Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
Tizoc Velasco 23 Specialty Beer
Zac Whitehouse 10 American Pale Ale
Chris Williams 09 Irish Red Ale
Joe Williams 23 Specialty Beer
Joe Williams 14 American IPA
Joe Williams 06 Cream Ale
Joe Williams 14 Imperial IPA
Joe Williams 10 American Pale Ale
Joe Williams 22 Wood-Aged Beer
Donna and Ron Winingar 09 Strong Scotch Ale

Award Level: Third

Dave Bossie 09 Irish Red Ale
Dave Bossie 09 Strong Scotch Ale
Matthew Burgoon 06 Blonde Ale
Cathy Carlson 24 Sweet Mead
Cathy Carlson 26 Metheglin
Robert Conticello 13 Russian Imperial Stout
Tom Geoghan 13 Sweet Stout
Jack Gobbo 14 American IPA
Harendra Goontilleke 14 American IPA
Adam Holter 15 Dunkelweizen
Carol Lezin 19 American Barleywine
Michael Lipton 10 American Amber Ale
Larry Lynch-Freshner 12 Robust Porter
Sean McMasters 18 Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Dennis Nolan 25 Other Fruit Melomel
Steve Rannals 06 Blonde Ale
Steve Rannals 13 Oatmeal Stout
Matthew Rohan 12 Robust Porter
Mark Taylor 23 Specialty Beer
Chris Thomsen 12 Robust Porter
Steve Tripp 08 Extra Special/Strong Bitter
Steve Tripp 08 Special/Best/Premium Bitter
Brian Valdivia 03 Oktoberfest/Marzen
Zac Whitehouse 13 Russian Imperial Stout
David Wholey 14 American IPA
David Wholey 14 Imperial IPA
Joe Williams 15 Weizen/Weissbier
Joe Yuhas 16 Saison
Steve Zabel 23 Specialty Beer

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