Friday, November 18, 2011

Brewing School Changes

There will be some changes to the brewing classes this coming spring. I've found that the five week course is too labor intensive and cumbersome for me to continue. The main problem is shuttling full fermentors of beer back and forth between the campus and the area that the fermentation takes place. This moving of heavy liquids can be a real pain and it doesn't contribute to a healthy and clean beer in the end. So, until I have a facility where the fermentors and for that matter the brewing equipment can stay put I will be modifying the classes.

Beginning this Spring I will be offering a one day entry level or beginner brewing class and also a one day advanced or all-grain brewing class for those with some brewing experience. These classes will incorporate the study materials that were used in the five week course but modified to address the concerns of these two areas of brewing.

Additionally, besides the already existing 'Beer tasting and appreciation' class I will be offering an advanced tasting class for those that have either taken the introductory class or are more familiar with beer styles. In this advanced tasting class we will spend more time focusing in on a particular style including pertinent qualifying attributes like region, history, brewing techniques, etc. Information that the novice would be bored with but the enthusiast would really enjoy.

On top of these changes, it looks as though I will be adding a new school to the mix, West Valley Community College (over the hill) would like to conduct this same curriculum. Of course I will continue to teach at Cabrillo College.  See you in the spring.

In the mean time, here is a video showing me brew up some beer to put in cold storage while I'm in Mexico this year. A window into brewing at Beer Diary...

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