Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beer School Project

I'm not very comfortable asking for help. I get the feeling that I come across as weak or that it may cause the people in my life to distance themselves from me. It's not rational, but still, it's how I roll and I spend most times trying to get by on my own. But, I'm very enthusiastic about a venture that I'm taking on right now and so I'm making myself move past my anxiety as I try to realize a dream.

While in Mexico this last year I came up with an idea to develop a homebrewing school. Once this idea was fully formed I decided to move forward with a plan, the first part of which is to generate some funding. Over the last several months I've been extremely busy getting ready to launch my Beer School project with Kickstarter. (Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects.) My focus has been on the creation of a video, story line and graphics that explain what I'd like to do.

This posting is to give all of the Beer Diary... supporters an advanced notice that I will be launching my Kickstarter "Beer School" project once it's approved. Naturally I'm excited and scared about this process but I will be calling on you for support in making Beer School a reality.
A full explanation of my beer school idea will be outlined on the Kickstarter page and I hope you will visit the site when I post it here. In the mean time I will plan to continue writing on other subjects in Beer Diary... along with updates on the progress of the Beer School project. Thanks for any support you can give to this idea!


Jan said...

Great news Mark.. Bring it on!

Anonymous said...

NICE logo!

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