Monday, May 28, 2012

Late Hopped Pale Ale

This beer turned out really good and so I'm passing on the recipe that I used. All of the hop additions were late in the boil and I think it made for a smooth flavorful beer without any of the harsh bitterness that can come from some of the high humulone hops that get added for a full boil. This beer also has a nice caramel and fruity quality and a crisp clean finish that I'm really enjoying. Make it. I guarantee a delicious beer.

Late hopped pale ale

This is an 11 gal. recipe with a mash efficiency of 88%
Mash grain in 5.5 gallons of 150f. water for 60 mins.
Sparge to achieve 13 gallons for a beginning boil volume and reduce during boil to 11 gallons.
Eff. 88%
Atten. 81%
Abv. 5.5%
Srm 8
IBU's 29
F.G. 1.009

15lbs. 2-row
1 lb. Aromatic
1 lb. carapils
1 lb. Crystal #60
.5 lb. Crystal #40

Boil vigorously for 60 minutes

Hop schedule:
1 oz. Galaxy 12% Alpha Acid for final 20 minutes (17% utilization for 14 IBU's)
1 oz. Columbus 17% Alpha Acid for final 10 minutes (10% utilization for 12 IBU's)
.5 oz. Citra 14% Alpha Acid for final 3 minutes (2% utilization for 3 IBU's)
1 oz. Centennial 11% Alpha Acid for 1 minute (0% utilization for 0 IBU's)

Ferment at 65f. using 2 pkgs. of Safale US-05 (aerate with pure O2 if possible)

Any questions on this beer? Let me know.

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Mark N said...

Sounds nice. I've heard good things about Galaxy hops and will be trying them out soon. I will probably put a handful of hops in for the full boil, but the bulk will go in from 20 mins onwards, much like your recipe. I'm going to use Galaxy and Cascade.

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