Saturday, September 5, 2015

3bbl kettles for Cerveceria Dos Aves

Each year we continue to grow. Slowly. It's a struggle to make a small brewery profitable and it's an incredible amount of work just to break even. But, with our recent gold metal wins in a national competition against professional brewers throughout Mexico the hard work is rewarded with a sense of validation. This is encouraging and the pride of the achievement has energized me to keep at it. We took first place for our Am. pale ale and R.I.S. 
Last year we took 3rd. place for our Belgian tripel and two years ago a gold medal for our barley wine. Needless to say, we are making some good beer now we just need to make a lot more of it.

We have commissioned a local welder to manufacture a set of 3bbl kettles that we hope to put into use by the end of September. This will reduce our current work load of eight back-to-back brewing sessions in a 17 hour period down to one in 8 hours in order to get our fermentors half full. As our sales increase we can then go to brewing two back-to-back sessions to completely fill the fermentors (6bbl). 

The next hurtle to overcome is the cumbersome bottling system we have in place. Filling corney kegs and force carbonating, chilling and then bottling is very labor intensive, not to mention a tun of cleaning. So, moving to the top of the wish list are a set of brite tanks and glycol chiller. 

So the journey continues leaving little time to blog but as events unfold I shall endeavor to keep you abreast. Salud!


Jan said...

We miss your blogs!! thanks for keeping us in the loop... Congratulations on all the success! We miss you 2! Just picked up some Crowlers at Knee Deep Brewery; next thing comin' down the line and they are Awesome!

Mark Taylor said...

Hi Jan,
I love Knee Deep. Probably my favorite hoppy beers. Miss you guys too. Cheers!

timo said...

Hi think I posted in an older forum, but I wondered where you got your CO2 and if American regulators fit Mexican tanks?


timo said...

Also, can you buy mixed gases(75% nitrogen, 25% CO2) and also just nitrogen.

Liam Mark said...

We had a fabulous time with our beer tasting my recommend taste this is extreme beer with great flavour.

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