Sunday, January 20, 2008

No Expert

The entrance to one of the local Cantina's near our house

I'm no expert on brewing. I don't know all the aspects of the chemistry involved in brewing that say, a commercial brewer probably needs to know. I couldn't even guess about some of the technical aspects of moving liquid in a large brewery while at the same time preventing contamination and the introduction of oxygen. I haven't had the hands-on exposure to that kind of beer making. What I do have is about 8 years of personal experiential knowledge of making small batches (10 gals.) of the type of beer I enjoy drinking. I have the kind of experience you get from trial and error. I have retained a little information from books I've read on brewing and the history of fermented drinks. I've also picked up a few pointers from fellow homebrewers like the ones from the homebrewing club in Santa Cruz, Ca. or from the question and answers on the internet discussion board. But, for the most part I just brew, over and over again. I modify my ingredients, techniques, practices and/or yeast until I have , like an alchemist, turned malt into gold or at least a gold alloy. I can't stop trying to perfect my pale ale (the Holy Grail of brewing in my world).

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Anonymous said...

I can attest personally that Mark's "Succubus Maximus" Pale Ale is among the finest brews made in Langley, WA. Each batch sampled showed signs of growth and I do believe that he is nearing perfection, although that holy grail may never be achieved.

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