Saturday, February 16, 2008

Batch #2

Meil de agave

So, batch #2 is in the bottle. Now for 2 weeks of patience. I did have an extra 2 litres left over after filling 48 bottles and I have a C02 injecter, so I will be able to sample some in a couple of days. The hydrometer sample tasted good with some lingering bitterness. I didn't detect any flavor from the Miel de agave. In the mean time, I have gone through both cases of the first batch of beer except for several that I will sample with a couple of locals that were interested. One of those interested is Morris who owns the local mescal boutique. He prides himself in his knowledge of mescal and has a dozen good distillers represented at his shop. I learned from Morris that all Tequilla is mescal but that only mescal made with the 'blue' agave and produced in Tequilla is certified by the government of Mexico as 'authentico' Tequilla.
Back on the streets of San Miquel, street vendors lay out framed pictures of religious icons and thick stacks of saints laminated on playing card sized placards with a corresponding prayer on the opposite side.

I asked "tiene 'Santos Gabrinus'?" The patron saint of beer brewers.

"No, senor". But she quickly goes on to suggest instead Saint Michael, Antonio or Saint Christopher or how about the virgin of Guadalupe?

"No, Gracias."

She lastly snatches up a picture of the pope in a guilded frame, pushing it towards me insistently.

"No, Gracias." I turn and leave.

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