Friday, February 22, 2008

Heading to the coast

Grain delivery

We will be taking the bus to La Manzanilla at the end of the month and I'm looking forward to it. San Miguel is a great place but it is a city and with that comes the heavy traffic of buses and cars, the noise and some pretty heavy smog (and dog shit and barf) that collects at the street level between the densly packed buildings. A couple of weeks at the beach should clear my lungs and my head and maybe if I'm lucky, I will discover a yet untried malt bevererage.

I will plan on carrying all my beer making equipment out to the street in from of our house to try and sell. I would like to recover at least half of what I paid. There's not much to it, a boil pot, burner on a stand, fermenting buckets and large tub for icing down the hot wort. I won't be using it again this trip and it is now in the way. I will take the chiller back home with me because I can use it in the future when I do the brewing classes at the college. One more week and the beer that is conditioning in the bottle will be ready. I plan on taking a case or so with me to the beach, which should last the first couple of days there. Just kidding...o.k I'm not kidding. I may not have internet access so there may be a gap in my blog, ouch!

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