Monday, July 7, 2008

Back to California!

What's in there?
Well, sorry about the delay. I finally got back on line and man it's been a journey since the last posting. Susan and I are settled into a semi-permanent place (good 'til November 08) and have tentatively unpacked our stuff. It's difficult to fully commit to spreading out every little bit of my personal belongings when I may not be here for long. Our plan is to head back to Mexico when winter returns and our lease is up but repacking and putting everything in storage again is disconcerting to say the least. In the mean time, there's beer to brew and enjoy.
I want to recap all the highlights of my brewing world since the previous post and catch you up on my plans for future brews but it's going to take some serious keyboard work so I may break it up into more reasonable chunks in the next few posts along with my current projects.
I will say here that my proposals for teaching brewing classes at the community colleges has had good response. Cuesta college in Paso Robles and Cabrillo college in Aptos, Ca. both wanted to offer my 6 week course in their Fall course offerings. Cabrillo contacted me first for the Fall so I had to push Cuesta college off until spring of next year. With some real time experience teaching I will expand on the idea of teaching and work towards private classes and beer tastings out of my house (wherever that may be).

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