Saturday, July 12, 2008

House sitting in Aptos

2.5 gal. Homebrew keg with dispenser

While in Mexico, Susan made arrangements through craigslist for us to house sit for a couple in Aptos, Ca. who would be going to Spain for 6 weeks. So, after arriving in Seattle we proceeded to Whidbey to get our vehicles out of storage for the trek back to California. Naturally I packed my van with some essential brewing equipment that was also in storage and a few personal items and left everything else there for a future retrieval once we found a permanent place to live. I wanted my brew sculpture and converted keg/boil pot for brewing some extract batches, my large plastic fermenter and also some kegging equipment, there was no point in bottling if I didn't have to. After a couple of settling in days in California I set to brewing 10 gallons of pale ale. The local brewing supply company had the ingredients I needed including liquid malt extract. I used 12 lbs. of malt extract and 2 lbs. of honey. I bittered with Columbus hops.
Ten days later my beer was kegged, carbonated, refrigerated and ready for consumption. That's what I'm talking about. I kept the 2.5 gal. kegs in a small bar fridge that was at the house and dispensed with a tap and co2 injector attached directly to the keg.

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