Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not an American wheat

German Wheat?
I was a little disappointed in the wheat beer I made in June. I brewed what I was expecting to be a light colored and low gravity German wheat. For a 10 gallon batch I used 13 lbs. of wheat malt and 6 lbs. of domestic 2-row malted barley with just 1/2 lb. of Chrystal #20. My starting gravity was 1.050 with 18 IBU's worth of Saaz hops. The brewing went without a hitch and I got an 80% efficiency from the Mash. The problems came after pitching the yeast. I pitched 2 packages of DY65 German Ale yeast, the temperature in the fermenter was 70f. and 2 days later there was absolutely no sign of fermentation activity. I waited another 12 hours with impatience before finally giving up and pitching 2 packages of US05 ale yeast. The fermentation was up and going strong by the next day, which was all good and fine except that I didn't really want an American wheat. I don't like American wheat beer. Eventually fermentation ended with a final gravity of 1.012-It didn't taste bad, then again, it was an American wheat, not what I wanted. American wheat beers don't have a lot going on in terms of flavor. There isn't much aroma either. There is a refreshing and thirst quenching drinkability to them and the mouth feel is often thick and creamy. Anyway, I ended up adding a little black cherry extract. No help. The final word is that I still drank it. Why not?

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