Monday, November 24, 2008

Duvel clone

The Duvel clone is in the fermenter and should be ready to be racked to kegs in a couple more days. I used 17lbs. of am. 2-row and 6lbs. of beet sugar for this 10 gal. batch of beer. Again, no Pilsner malt, which is what is called for and instead the 2-row because I want to use it up before my hiatus for three months. In the mean time, I am going to adapt the light socket in the storage unit where I will be stowing all my crap, to accept a 110v. outlet so that I can plug in my kegerator to lager the Chimay and Duvel clones. On another note, I received my Dry Malt Extract, bottle caps and dry yeast from the homebrew supply place and have gathered together some essential miscellaneous brewing materials that I can't purchase in Mexico (bottle capper, refractometer, etc.). The larger items like the boil pot, buckets and burner I will purchase down there at the Tuesday flea market. I will be using some local ingredients like 'meil de agave', honey, and chiclets (just kidding), to suppliment the original gravity of these beers.
Did You Know? The Ancient Mayans chewed a sapota tree resin called chicle, which is the basis for modern chewing gum.

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