Saturday, January 3, 2009

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Looking over the traffic moving through the Beer Diary... site I noticed that a significant number of guests have shown an interest in two particular postings. Because of the this, I thought that I would elaborate on them and hopefully provide more depth to the subject. The first is regarding the Duvel Clone. I brewed this beer based on a couple of sources of information. The Jamil Show at the Brewing Network
which is a great podcast resource for a huge number of beer style recipes, including the Belgian Golden Ale a.k.a. Duvel, and I also mined the opinions and experiences of the many homebrewers that frequent the Home Brew Digest forum . In the end I ended up designing my own version using this information, and my materials on hand, and came up with what I consider to be a very similar beer. The following is from my notes on brew day:

DUVEL CLONE- 10 gals. brewed using my gravity feed brew sculpture.
O.G. 1.069 F.G. 1.011

17lbs. am. 2-row mashed at 148f. for 60min. in 6gals. h2O
6 lbs. beet sugar added during boil
Boiled for 60mins. with :1oz. N.Z.Saaz @8aa
and 1oz. Styrian Goldings @ 5aa for 60 mins.
1oz. N.Z.Saaz @8aa for 15mins.
1oz. N.Z.Saaz @8aa for 3mins.
Fermented at 65f. with stepped up WhiteLabs WLP570 yeast culture.
Kegged at 4.0volumes C02

Secondly, there is a lot of interest in beer evaluation forms and formats for tasting beer. The best resource I found for these is the Beer Judge Certification Program and you can click here to see their evaluation sheet.

Using their examples and my own feel for what would be comfortable for the average beer appreciator, I created my own simplified form using a numbering system. This format is great for quick, objective evaluations especially for the novice beer drinker. I use it in my Beer Appreciation and Tasting classes at Cabrillo College and it's very helpful when your tasting eight or ten beers in one sitting.

I have one more evaluation form on my desktop that is more elaborate than the one above and I will send anyone a copy of it if interested. Just comment or e-mail me.
I hope that this information is valuable. If so, or not, let me know in comments. Cheers!


Scott-TheBrewClub said...

That Duval clone brew is rather interesting. Beet sugar? I didn't know that, but I suppose that's what gives it that different taste? Is Beet sugar used in other types of Belgian Ales? Just curious. Thanks - and Happy 2009!

Steve said...

You are really getting into the beer world! I enjoyed the blog from the 28th? about beginner brewers and failures. I tried 2 batches and finally gave up. Had little to no knowledge other than a book and a dream! lol. You're making me think again.

Thanks for the pics on flickr - good stuff. Keep adding.

We had a good xmas. We got more snow this Dec than ever in recent memory! We had some good sledding days and it gave the kids some extra time away from school. 2009 is looking scary - no more work for me!!!

Happy new year to you and susan!

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