Wednesday, April 22, 2009

IIPA Using Sorachi Ace

It was necessary to substitute some hops in my Double India Pale Ale recipe and I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome using the hops with the lemony flavor.

Normally, I use a lot of Warrior, Simcoe and Columbus in this brew but I had a difficult time finding any Warrior or Simcoe this time around so I had to come up with an alternative plan. I had heard a lot about the new Sorachi Ace hop that claims to have a distinct lemon flavor and aroma and decided to give it a try along with some reliable standards (Cascade and Amarillo) to formulate a strong IPA recipe. Well, this is a great beer and it is true that the Sorachi imparts a serious dose of lemony goodness. I also used the 'Wet' dry hopping schedule on this beer with excellent results.

For 10 gallons of beer:


  • 23lbs. 2-row
  • 1.5lbs. Carapils
  • .5lbs. Cry #60
  • 3ozs. Sorachi Ace hops (in mash)

    in 7.5 gals. H2O @ 152f. with 2 tsp. gypsum for 60mins. 85% efficiency

Boil for 90mins (180 IBU's)

  • 1oz. Cascade (7aa) 90mins.
  • 5oz. Sorachi ((10aa) 90mins.
  • 1.5oz. Cascade 45mins.
  • 1.5oz. Sorachi 45mins.
  • 2.5oz. Amarillo (8aa) 30mins.
  • Irish moss 15mins.
  • 4oz. Amarillo 2mins.
  • 2oz. Sorachi 2mins.

Ferment on yeast us05 yeast cake from previous pale ale.

  • Original Gravity 1.076
  • Final Gravity 1.012
  • ABV 8%
  • SRM 8
  • Attenuation 84%

Racked to kegs after primary fermentation of 7 days and forced carbonated. Chilled and dry hopped in tea ball, .5oz. Sorachi ace for 4 days.

I would highly recommend using the Sorachi Ace if you like the citrus/lemon flavor and aroma in your pale ales and IPA's. This beer is very quenching and refreshing. The difficult part is remembering that it packs 8% alcohol by volume. The other 'up' side to this story is that the Sorachi Ace is relatively cheap. I payed $23 for a pound of it from Hops Direct.

Questions or comments are always welcome.


homebrewjapan said...


Thanks for your comment on my blog.
I actually just imported hops myself from hops direct - about $200 worth. Hope they will be better than the Japanese hops.

You have a good blog. I've added you to my links section so that I remember to pop-by and check what you're doing. If you want to add me to your links section too, that would be cool.

homebrewjapan said...

Ah no, actually I remember now it was that I got my hops from. I wanted a range and hops direct's minimum order for each hop was too small!

homebrewjapan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's a minimum 1 lb. per type. They have a great selection though. I make a lot of hoppy beers so I go through a pound pretty quick.
I'll add you to my link list.

Anthony said...

Couple of questions: You list 7.5 gal of water for the much water do you sparge with?

You list that you chill before dry hopping, what temp do you chill at? Why is this desirable? Is your fermentation all the way complete after only 7 days?

Beer Diary... said...

Hi Anthony,
I used 11 gals. of sparge water at 170f. for 45min. I usually expect to lose about half the liquid in the mash and I use enough sparge water to get me to about 13.5 gals. at the beginning of the boil. Hope this helps. Mark

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