Thursday, August 27, 2009

Suds On The Bay Beer Festival

Editors Note:This is guest post writer "Mom" who gives her review of the "Suds On The Bay". Ludington, Michigans first brew festival.

If you have never been to a beer festival now is the time to put it on your "to do" list. My friend Judy and I went Saturday night to "Suds by the Shore" in Ludington, Michigan. The crowd was a bit slim due to rain and cold weather. The ones of us brave enough to attend had such a great time. Spirits were high. Everyone was friendly and anxious to compare beers and discuss the making and adding flavor to the sudsy stuff.

Mom and Judy tasting beers

There were several bands (which were very good) adding joy to the occasion and there were even a few of us ventured to dance. There were 18 vendors. Each booth was decorated to attract our attention. Judy and I started with the light beers as Mark suggested.

Schmohz Brewing: "Pale Ale" (very good) and "Amber Teas" (somewhat bitter)

Kuhnhenn Brewing: "Lunie Kuhnie" (our favorite- light) and "Michigan Amber" (not too bad)

Magic Hat Brewing: "Light Wheat" (Yummy) and "Pale Ale" (close to yummy)

Goose Island Brewing: "Erbin Wheat" (very good and light)
and "Matilda Belgian Pale" (also very good)

Founders Brewing: Last tasting and we were starting to not be too sure of things. "Coffee-Chocolate" (at first not so good but it grew on me; Judy not so much) and "Spicey" (very very very good) and it had holapinia (jalapeno) peppers!

Best I can do with my notes having been written in the rain the pen didn't always print and I don't know how to spell those peppers, which I was not going to try cause I don't eat them cause they are too hot. But wanted to complete our tasting and was so glad I did . It was probably our favorite of all the beers we tasted. And I think we tasted them all. Hehehe.

We met people from Grand Haven, Spring Lake, and Grand Rapids as well as some locals. Ludington, Michigan city park was a perfect location. I am already looking forward to next years festival. Was it a success? Oh yeah! And best of all the proceeds went to United Way One of my personal charities.

Veronica A. Taylor

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I missed the Suds On The Shore event due to prior engagements. It looked like a alot of fun, Veronica who is that young guy you're dancing with??? LOL....Well I'm glad you had fun just don't let that beer drinking get in the way of your workouts lol jk. Next year I will be there for sure and hopefully I will get a dance with Veronica too!!!

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