Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Peter B's Brewpub In Monterey, Ca.

During a recent trip to visit with my daughter Jennifer who lives in Pacific Grove, California we decided to stopped in for a light dinner and to check out the beers on tap at Peter B's brewpub in the Portola Hotel and Spa in Monterey. This is kind of a classy place located on the waterfront at the end of the main street in old Monterey, but I felt comfortable wearing my old jeans and t-shirt.

(Interesting side note- Monterey was the original capitol of California. I'm guessing that moving the government center to Sacramento was a way of preserving the pristine beauty of the Monterey Bay. Protecting it from all those non-discript square concrete buildings that seem to be the prerequisite architecture for civic structures.)

We ordered a sampler of the beers on tap and soon received an offering of seven different beers. I launched into the lightest after wrestling a lemon slice that adorned (was wedge on) the rim of the glass and tasted a pretty decent American wheat with a nice spiciness and yeast with a light body. I also sampled the Pilsner, Amber, IPA and a Dark Wheat which I expected would have the traditional Dunkel Weizen flavor profile but was like an American wheat with roasted grains. I then tried the Seven Malt Stout (my personal favorite) that was very enjoyable, a classic example of a dry stout and finally the Brown Ale.

Before leaving I got the chance to talk briefly with the brewer Andrew Wyer about the beers we sampled. Andrew has been brewing for Peter B's using the original proprietary lager yeast since the beginning. He says he has been fermenting his beers in the mid 60's temperature range using this yeast very successfully. He seemed confident of the operation he has going there and judging by how clean and shiny the brewing equipment is, I would say he is quite proud of his position as head brewer.

Monterey is a great place to visit and what makes it even better is stopping in at the local brewpub. If you get the chance I would recommend stopping in for a chance to enjoy a tall glass of Seven Malt Stout or any of the finely crafted brews that Andrew has on tap.

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