Thursday, December 10, 2009

Malting Barley In Mexico III

Just a quick update on my malting progress. The barley has grown as much as I want it to and so now it's time to stop the growth. One interesting note is the growth is very inconsistent. Much of it is over modified and just as much is undermodified. Does anyone have an idea why that would be?

The weather has been partly cloudy but I was able to get enough sun to spread the grain out on the terrace with a temperature of 90f. I collected the grain to keep inside over night and then put them back the following day of additional drying. Here are a few pictures. I layed the chicken wire over the top in a half ass attempt to keep the ginormous grackles and other birds out which seemed to work.

After several hot days of drying, I placed the grains on some aluminum pans to be lightly roasted in the oven at a temperature of around 180f. for a few hours. After that, I pushed the grain around the inside of a colinder to remove the rootlets.

Then next step is the mashing process and I will take some readings on the sugar extractions. I plan to do a batch sparge using a five gallon bucket with a braided hose in the bottom to filter. I've never done a batch sparge as my normal system uses the fly sparging technique. If you have words of wisdom regarding batch sparging, please leave a comment.

For the previous steps in malting barley go to here for step I and here for step II.


Anonymous said...

I have been batch sparging for the last 4+ years.
My efficency drops 8%+ for normal gravity wort and 20%+ when you get into the 1.080 range on my system.
In combo with your overmodified/undermodified malt you will be doing well at 50% efficency.
Good luck.
Zymurgeeks said...

Hey Mark,
Yeah, I generally figured it would be low. Once I have the actual gravity I am confronted with two questions.
1. The amount of potential sugar in the malt.
2. The amount of extraction I get from the mash.

We can assume with commercial malt that the gravity potential will consistently be at 1.037
and can accurately determine the mash efficiency.
With my malt I have not data point to refer and will simply be shooting in the dark as to how well I malted and/or mashed. I'll let you know what the gravity is soon since I plan to brew with it next week.

Anonymous said...

I just malted a batch of feed barley from a local farmer and got about 1.030 for my first brew with it. It ended up being about 30% eff. I think I way over malted to grain for this first batch. said...

Efficiency was low here too. I came in with what I think is 50% or 1.028 for 9lbs. I'll detail it in the next post.

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