Friday, February 19, 2010

Brewing At Cerveza De San Miguel

I've been brewing a couple days a week recently at Cerveza De San Miguel to help get the business up and running with their own on-premise beers. Since there opening a year ago, they have been having their beers contract brewed by Minerva Brewing in Guadalajara but now the time is right to get their small brew system warmed up to provide the restaurant with some classic standards and a few specialty beers brewed right here in San Miguel De Allende.

We're using a gravity fed 3-tier system that has the capacity to brew 7.5 gallons. We brew three batches per session so that we can produce enough for one 7.5gal. Sanke keg and one 15.5gal. Sanke keg.

Today we are brewing a small kegs worth of Weizen and a full kegs worth of English Ale. We have already come up with some decent recipes for brewing including a Honey Ale, Chile Ale (using Serrano chili's), and an American IPA. It's not as much fun brewing on a commercial scale even though this is small compared to most micro-breweries. The brew day is about 10 hours long. The important thing is quality and consistency.

I'm still asking myself if I can sell enough beer here in Mexico to earn a living and make this my permanent home. I've got two months to find out.

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