Sunday, February 14, 2010

Making A Mash Tun Filter With Braided Hose

In this video addition of Beer Diary... I will show you how to easily make a filter for your mash tun which can be used along with or to replace a false bottom.

Sorry about the video quality here, I think I damaged the camera during the recording. Also, it's best to buffer for half a minute.Also, go here for a related post.


Chemgeek said...

That is awesome. I've seen pictures and descriptions of this elsewhere, but the moving pictures really help.

So, how does it work? How doe using this compare to other methods?

Beer Diary... said...

I started out brewing all-grain using a false bottom in my mash tun but for the last few years have been using this braided hose. I've found it to be very effective and I only need to circulate a couple of quarts to achieve clarity. I've never had a stuck sparge and the hose has never collapsed as some people fear. The only down side is that you can heat and recirculate the fluid under a false bottom to raise the mash temperature but with this braided hose system it's possible to scorch the mash since it is in direct contact with the bottom of the kettle. Thanks for the comment.

BF said...

These braided hoses can be a bit timid. Be advised that excessive agitation (my grandson's specialty) can cause a them to become afrayed.

Stir with caution.

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