Monday, February 8, 2010

Malt Extract Pale Ale With Honey

Excellent honey flavors with a great complement of hop character define this pale ale recipe. I used 2 lbs. of local honey from the "tianguis" (flea market) to brew this and it really makes an impression. Honey aroma and flavor are dominant with an initial sweetness that is replaced quickly with a crisp dry balance.

Bittered with Columbus hops, the initial sweetness gives way to a nice balance and the Centenial hop citrus flavor blends well with the honey and leaves you wanting another sip.

  • 5 gal. batch

    Attenuation 77%

    ABV 6.%

    SRM 16

    IBU 45

    Original Gravity 1.060

    Final Gravity 1.014

  • Steep 4oz. crystal #60, 8oz. pilsner malt and 1.5 oz. roasted barley in 6.5 gals. of H2O until water temp. reaches 180f. and then remove. Turn off heat source and stir in 5lbs. light dry malt extract until dissolved. Then bring to a boil.

  • Boil 60 min. with

    columbus 14% 3/4oz. 60min.

    centenial 9% 3/4oz. 15min.

    cascade 5.5% 1oz. 3min.

  • At flame out Add 2lbs. honey

Ferment at 65f. until complete with US05 ale yeast (2pkgs per 5gal)

Bottle condition with 1/2 cup cane sugar for 2 weeks at room temp.

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