Monday, March 22, 2010

Beer And Food Pairing Event II

Wow, what a week! My brewing adventures in Mexico this year culminated in another successful beer event held at 'El Burrito Bistro' in San Miguel de Allende. Owner Noren, came up with a great food pairing for the beers again this year. The meal began with appetizers to match my IIPA, a main course selection of either lamb, salmon or eggplant that paired well with a honey ale and dessert burritos with vanilla ice cream for the weizenbock. Everyone gave great praise for the food and the beer.

Because we held this dinner late in the season here, the turn out was about half of what it was last year which led to a stress free evening compared to last year's frenzy. I got caught up in the moment, serving and talking about the beers with people, and didn't get the pictures I wanted. Fortunately, my friend Carlos sent me a few he had taken of the appetizer and dessert. Alas, no shots of the main course.

Double India Pale Ale

Weizenbock with dessert

We've been here in Mexico for close to five months this year and I've spent a lot of time and energy brewing and getting involved in the local beer scene. I'm exhausted from the constant focus on beer. I'm also worn out by this city's high altitude, thin, dry dusty air, stuggling with the language and non stop socializing. I'm looking forward to our return to Santa Cruz with it's sea level atmosphere and pristine beauty. Can't wait for that first walk on the beach and breath in the ocean air. Not to mention those nearly year old bottles of homebrewed Russian imperial stout I've got stashed in our storage unit that are calling my name. Those and a couple of kegs of weizenbock and schwarzbeir that have been in the kegerator this whole time, yum.
We'll continue our stay in San Miguel until the end of March at which point the plan is to visit Guadalajara for several day. I've heard that there are a couple of micro breweries there and I'm looking forward to checking them out and if there's time maybe a Tequilla distillary.
In the mean time I've got serious plans to lay around and do nothing but soak up the sun and try my best to drink all of the homebrew that has accumulated around here.

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