Friday, October 8, 2010

A Little Extra Beer Part - II

I messed up a little on this project. Or was it the yeast. I don't want to blame an innocent microbe for my problems so I won't name any names wlp500 I'll just take the full brunt of this failure like a man.
When I racked the beer from my tiny fermentor I didn't take a gravity reading until I'd filled the bottles and capped them with a priming tablet and set aside. When I did check the gravity I found that the beer was way under-attenuated (50%) even though it showed no signs of activity. My excuse -
  1. this was a new project with unusual and unfamiliar procedures so I forgot the basics of checking the gravity to confirm that it was finished
  2. in my anxious attempt to document/film the next step in this project, my focus switched to preparing an interesting blog post rather than the need to pay attention to the basics of my fermentation procedures
  3. impatience is my inner demon, bent on destroying my brewing equanimity
  4. too many beers that day  - and finally-
  5. the sun was in my eyes
On top of the fermentation problem, I couldn't stand allowing the beer to continue conditioning in the bottles knowing it was screwed up, as if I wasn't going to eventually poured them down the drain.  So, I opened one after only a week in the bottle and tasted it. Guess what, it is extremely sweet and guess again, it's flat. Should I empty the other two now or wait for....for what? At this point, I think I'll let them set in the bottle for another week or so to see if they blow up. Bottle bombs could be the silver lining in all of this. Picture me hanging my head in shame here.

In any case, I hope you enjoy the video as it was the one aspect that I claim to have some modest success.

In the mean time, the two other bottles of this beer that are carbonating into what I hope will be colossal bottle bombs and timed to go off with malicious contempt, are tied up in a strong plastic bag to hopefully prevent the mess inside from ejecting onto a perfectly good carpet.


Antigua Capilla Bed and Breakfast said...

You can always make ice cream!

make your own beer said...

Great video. Thank you. I like that you admit mistakes. That is all part of the process. @Antigua, yes ice cream sounds like a plan to me.

Beer Diary... said...

Hi - make your own beer,
Thanks for appreciating my honesty, I'm just glad it was only 3 bottles of beer and not 10 gallons. I'll be trying this process again partly because there is so little to lose. And I agree with you and Antigua, ice cream would be a good use for this beer. I hate the idea of wasting beer even the failures.

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