Friday, October 22, 2010

National Organic Brewing Competition Results

For all those interested in the results of the Organic Brew Contest here are the winners. This event was sponsored by our own local homebrew store Seven Bridges. There were 121 entries, representing at least 600 gallons of beer that were all brewed with sustainably grown, pesticide free ingredients.

Sadly, my pale ale didn't place. I haven't received the score sheet for it yet so I can't say what the judges comments were. I'm looking forward to hear what they have to say. On the bright side, a couple of my former brew school graduates Gresham Andrews and Dave Kramer-Urner took a second/third place award for their "Average White Brew" American Wheat and also a third place for their American Amber Ale. Congratulations guys!

A couple of local breweries brought home some awards. Uncommon Brewers and Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing both doing well in the contest using only organic ingredients.

Congratulations to all those that took the challenge to brew with organic ingredients and those that took home prizes for their efforts.


Ryan and Lexa said...

Mark, Thank you for your input at your beer tasting class at Cabrillo. I entered my beer as an ESB instead of an Amber as you and you friend advised and it took 2nd place in its category. The judges said that it was a good example of the style. They also identified some astringency, which is what you had told me. Your class was awesome and it was fun to talk about beer with other enthusiasts. Great blog too. I am definitely going to try your eisbock technique. Happy Brewing.-Ryan

Beer Diary... said...

Hi Ryan,
I really enjoyed having you in the class and glad that we were able to give you some good advice. That tasting class is always more fun when there are a few brewers in the group. Thanks for the feedback and keep on brewin'.

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