Friday, March 25, 2011

Dry Stout Recipe

As is the way with most homebrewers I am constantly trying to perfect my favorite recipes and Dry Stout is definitely one of my favorites. I have to say though, at this point I believe I have achieved perfection with this beer. I've brewed this in the past with flaked barley and a pinch of Carafa II but this version was brewed with simplicity in mind. I was trying to get the roasted grains to provide that coffee/chocolate flavor with a clean dry finish. Here is what I did this time around.

Eff. 90%
attenuation 80%
abv 5.5%
Ibu's 35
O.G. 1.050
F.G. 1.010

16 lbs 2-row
.5 lbs Cry#40
.75 lbs chocolate
.5 lbs roasted
.25 lbs blk patent

60min mash with 5.5gal h2o at 154f.
Boil for 60 min. with 1 tsp. MoreBeers Burton salts and 1 tsp. gypsum

60 min.  with 1.25 oz. chinook (11% aa)
20 min. with 1.5 oz. Saphir (4% aa)
10 min. with 1 oz. Saphir (4% aa)

chill and oxygenate with o2 for 3 mins.

Pitch salvaged US05 yeast (3rd generation)

Ferment for 7 days at 70f.
Kegged, forced carbonated and conditioned for additional 2 weeks at 50f.

The Saphir is a new hop for me that has a very subtle flavor profile. This beer is dry but full bodied with plenty of roast character and easy to drink.


Anonymous said...

Look forward to tasting this one, nothing like simplicity to bring out the true taste of a good stout... and by the way Happy Birthday old man!

Niclas said...


I'm new at homebrewing and found your recipe which I'll use as my first. This might be a stupid question, but since I'm a beginner i feel no shame asking you;
You use 5.5gallons of water for the mash, but how much do you use for lautering, and how much is the outcome?

Beer Diary... said...

Hi Niclas,
I figure losing about half of the liquid to the mash. Considering this and taking into account that I want to begin the boil with 12.5 - 13 gals. I will sparge with 10 gals. of 170f water. Good luck with the brew and comment back here with how it ended up tasting for you. Also, I noticed you said you were new to homebrewing and I wanted to make sure you saw that my mash efficiency in this case was at 90%. Based on your system and the efficiency you normally get, adjust the grain bill to relect the percentage of your extraction. Cheers!

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