Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beer Diary... At The NHC

The upside: I will be attending this years National Homebrewers Conference in San Diego in June to document as much of the activities as possible.

The downside: The American Homebrew Association would not kick down the press pass I requested like they did for me for the Great American Beer Festival last year.
Am I bitter?
Just a little.
I mean, I know that I'm not the biggest beer blogger out there but I try really hard. That has to count for something. Something like free admission.
'I don't get enough hits.' they said. Apparently, quality doesn't count for as much in their eyes.
How do I respond to this? Well, the day will come when I have thousands of hits and at that point I will refuse to accept a press pass. That's right, take that AHA!

But I plan to make the best of my trip and pass on as much information from the event to the readers of Beer Diary... as possible. My plan is to video some of the speakers presentations and maybe a few video interview from the floor during homebrew night where I plan to discover the best homebrewed beer.

My goal is to get the video and or pictures and commentary posted the evening of the particular event so that there is as close to a 'live' feed as I can get. This should be pretty interesting since I will most likely be on the better side of  toasted by the end of the day.

The reason I am posting this information today is that I am open to and looking for suggestions from you on how to approach this event. What would you like to get from my posts that you think would benefit you most?  Leave your suggestions in the comment section below. The 'Dude' abides.


Andy said...

Hey Mark!

I think it's great your doing this. I'd be interested in the speakers, i think there could be a lot of knowledge to be had there, as well as the various presentations. Video's would be great, if not just the audio would do it.

Thanks for looking out for all the homebrewer's out there that can't attend!

-Andy Shaw

Beer Diary... said...

Hi Andy,
I'll do my best. I have a schedule layed out to attend guest speakers that interest me the most and will try to get on video the pertinent info. So, the final cut may be edited down for easy upload. I may do the highlights and then follow up with the uncut version when I get back home. Thanks for the input. By the way, really enjoyed your beers, you're on the right track. Cheers!

Jan said...

OK, so i'd vote you a press pass and free admit...
I've read the AHA conference schedule at least 4 times. very jealous, but beings you have asked, this is my shortlist for what I'd be interested in;
Bretanomyces Yeast, Homebrew Planet, Cooking with Beer, A Saison for every season, Historical Extreme Beers, Bavarian Style Hefe's, Hopping into the Sunset (breast enhancement I won't comment on), High Gravity Brewing, Recipe Building, Unusual brew ingredients, Collaboration beers..........
I think it's stellar that you are willing to taste beer, attend sessions, taste more beer and then send it to us!! Wow, You're the man!
Can't wait, I'll be happy with whatever comes our way..

Beer Diary... said...

Hi Jan,
Most on your list is the same as mine. I'm not sure how I will accomplish my mission but fueled with gallons of beer info will get posted. Should be fun.

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