Monday, May 16, 2011

Big Brew Re-cap 2011

I spent a little time down in Santa Barbara so I didn't get a chance to post this years pictures of the Big Brew event hosted Seabright Brewery. But, better late than never. A handful of the zymurgeek club members participated by demonstrating different ways of brewing a batch of beer, including three extracts types and four all-grain brews.

I decided not to haul my brew sculpture down there this year because it's a real pain to move around. Instead I mashed in a five gallon bucket and brewed a five gallon batch of Alt on a single burner. Easy and enjoyable and I got a great efficiency out of the bucket mash.
Seabright Brewery was generous to allow the use of their patio area and kept us happy with great beer. There was also a little homebrew to be had including Stout, Blonde ale and Lambik to name a few.
Aside from a stuck mash at one of the rigs, good time was had by all and another successful Big Brew. Looking forward to next year.
    Megan with an extract batch

Preparing  for a stuck sparge

Mashing in a bucket

Looking over the process

Mashing in

Zymurgeeks making beer


Tom Lopez said...

I was so caught up in my corner that I didn't get a chance to wander over and observe the single burner/bucket mash. Dude I think we need to talk! Seriously want to give this a shot possibly over the weekend!

Beer Diary... said...

Hey Tom,
I'll be at the zymurgeek mtg Sunday if that's not too late to talk about it. Otherwise, give me a call. It was a great day of brewing.

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