Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Brewer Geek Alert

When I stopped off at my local homebrew store (7Bridges) the other day, they were in the middle of pelletizing some whole hops.

 I was fascinated with the process and asked about the mechanics of their operation. apparently, this is the only machine in California that can take whole leaf hops and convert them into pellets for use in brewing.

Pretty cool but, the question I have is how they determine what the alpha acid of the new pellet hops are after the conversion. In any case, this is a nice rig and for those that love machinery, especially machinery that has to do with brewing beer it's an amazing rig. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

1 comment:

Antigua Capilla Bed and Breakfast said...

You need to go back and do a video. Eat any interesting birds lately?

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