Friday, December 9, 2011

The Beer Company In San Miguel

The last time I was in San Miguel de Allende (a year and a half ago) there was not a lot of craft beer on the scene. The restaurants and tiendas were tied into either the Modelo brand which included Corona, Negro Modelo and Victoria to name a few, or the Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma brewery with their Indio, Sol and Bohemia. At the time, the largest market in town 'Mega' was the only place that offered a broader but still limited selection of other brands but these 'exotics' were the likes of Heineken and Bud along with a couple of German imports.

I was happy to discover this year the addition of a serious outlet for beer. It seems the gaining interest in homebrewing and Mexican craft beer is moving beyond the borders of Mexico City evidenced by the opening of The Beer Company here in SMA. Owners, Antonio and Elizabeth, who happen to be not only incredibly nice people but are real beer enthusiasts with a lot of knowledge to offer about the craft beer scene here. Located on the Ancha de San Antonio they have brought The Beer Company franchise to satisfy a need for those that desire a choice and they are offering a large and much needed selection of Mexican craft beers and imports. Granted, the inventory is small compared to most beer stores in the States but I'm impressed with the variety they've included.
Small on the outside,
malty goodness inside
Samples of just part of the inventory

Also, they are right around the corner from where I'm staying and so I'll be visiting often to begin sampling the Mexican beers in particular. Most of the German beers I'm familiar with including the standards from Paulaner, including the Salvator doppel bock and Erdinger . Belgian beers include Carolus, Chimay and a particular favorite La Chouffe and of course Duvel. There are just a couple English beers, Fullers, Youngs and one I've not had called 'Old Peculiar' from Theakston. But it's the Mexican beers I am most interested in tasting my way through as I try to determine my personal 'best of' list. I'll post updates of those tastings as I go along.
A listing of all the beers
Some of the bigger names in craft beer down here are Minerva who also produces Primus Brewing and their Tempus label. The Cucapa brewing co, Calavera and T.J.'s (Tijuana brewing) which is my favorite so far.
Can I taste them all in my short stay here? God help me I believe I can, and good or bad I will tell you about them here. 


Anonymous said...

This is amazing. I'm heading down in a few weeks to see my folks who have been living in SMA for about a year. I'm a huge beer fan and started searching beer and mexico. This page was one of the first to come up and is already easing my concerns of finding decent beer down there.
Will be following closely. This couldn't have been more timely. I was expcecting at best some travel blog from 2002 about corona or something
Rob D

factcheckr said...

A bit pricey, no?

I don't see why Mexican craft beer should as expensive, in Mexico, as US craft beer is, in the States.

Beer Diary... said...

The only thing I can figure is the import tax on ingredients is prohibitively high. I'm making an assumption based on the cost of ingredients at the Mexican homebrew stores. Hops expecially are super expensive. I expect as the industry grows and the ingredients become easier to get the the price will come down. But, that may not be true. Once a price is set, it's real hard for it to go down. Cheers!

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