Monday, January 2, 2012

Basic Equipment For Extract Brewing

I've heard some voice concern over the investment in equipment to start brewing your own beer at home. True, you could spend quite a bit if you buy more than you need and buy the best of everything. However, there are really inexpensive ways to start out and this is what I recommend. The reason I say this is that many begin brewing only to find that it's just not there thing. Well, the loss is minimal based on the suggested equipment I list in this video. On the other hand, If you really develop a passion and continue to brew, there is still no great loss in your initial purchase as you step up to more elaborate and expensive systems because a lot of what you initially bought can still be utilized in your new system.

I recorded a brief explanation of the basic equipment needed to get started brewing an extract beer. I quickly ran over the list of items with no explanation of the use of these items just to show how little it takes to make a batch of beer. In fact, if you wanted to step up to an all grain batch you could simply add an additional bucket as a mash tun to the list I show here, and brew five gallons of all-grain beer with the same equipment. You can see how I did just that, if you follow this link and look at the picture at the bottom of the post.

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