Monday, July 16, 2012

Imperial IPA With Honey

I'll be brewing this recipe on Wednesday as I get ready for my all-grain class in two weeks. I want to have some beer in a secondary in order to show the students the process of racking to and force carbonating a keg. I'll also be serving this beer (along with a previously brewed hefeweizen) at a homebrew and music event in Santa Cruz in August so I want to make something special.

The idea behind this beer is to create a quality IIPA in line with a Pliney clone but a little more alcohol, alternative hops based on what I've got on hand and with the added dimension of blackberry honey flavor. My plan is to add the honey at flame out. Word on the homebrew street is that honey should be added to the fermentor to retain the highest level of flavor but I'd prefer to add this at flame out in order to provide a more subtle flavor profile, I still want the hops to be the major player.

Blackberry honey

This will be a single infusion mash utilizing mash hops with an expected efficiency of 85%, followed by a 60 minute boil.

Grain bill for 11 gallons:
22 lbs. 2-row
1.25 lbs. carapils
.75 lbs. crystal #15
.75 lbs. crystal #60
.5 lbs. Victory
3 oz. Calypso hops

Boil 60 minutes with:
60 mins. 2 oz. Chinook 10%aa 27% util. for 40 ibu's
30 mins. 4 oz. Cascade 5.5%aa 18% util. for 28 ibu's
10 mins. 2.25 oz. Calypso 14%aa 9% util. for 20 ibu's
5 mins. 3.25 oz. Galena 10% aa 4% util. for 10 ibu's
1 mins. 1 oz. Calypso 14%aa 0% util. for 2 ibu's
0 mins. 1 oz. Calypso 14%aa 0% util. for 0 ibu's
0 mins. 1 oz. Galena 10%aa 0% util. for 0 ibu's

Cascade hops

Add 4 lbs. Blackberry honey at flame out.
chill, oxygenate with O2 and pitch 2 pkgs of US-05 dry yeast. Ferment at 65f.

Efficiency 85%
Attenuation 80%
Abv 8.5%
Srm  9
Ibu's 103
O.G. 1.085
F.G. 1.016

I'll try to follow up on how effective I was on brewing this beer and whether it turns out good or not. I'm also planning on dry hopping this beer in the keg when it's ready to serve.


Jonathan Brewster said...

I'm not sure about blackberry honey but that 4oz should get fermented out in no time as honey is 95% fermentable.

I did a big IIPA a few months back that was a 5 gal. batch w/ 16# of malt and 2# of Orange Blossom honey. 1# I added at flameout and the other # I added at high krausen.

From tasting, there was only a tiny bit of residual sweetness and I don't know if any orange-like characters present came from the honey because of heavy hopping including Amarillo.

You may want to add another dose of the honey in secondary to pick up more characteristics. I'm interested to see how it comes out though - very nice looking hop profile!

Beer Diary... said...

Thanks for checking in at Beer Diary... Jonathan.
I actually added 4 pounds of honey at flame out but you're right, it will ferment thoroughly. As an after thought I added another pound to the fermentor today to bump up the gravity a bit. I didn't boil off as much as I expected so gravity was low. With the extra pound I'm expecting to add another 1.003 to the O.G. Cheers!

Jonathan Brewster said...

Ahh! Misread that one haha I'm interested to see how it comes out! I'll keep an eye out for your notes on it. Cheers

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