Monday, November 11, 2013

Beer/Food Pairing 2013

I'm at it again. This time as a professional brewer. We at Cerveceria Dos Aves are teaming up with the La Frontera restaurant here in San Miguel de Allende to present to the locals a three course meal featuring three seasonal Dos Aves ales.

You may remember that our first joint venture was in 2009 and then again in 2010. I worked with Noren at La Frontera to create a beer/food pairing with some of my homebrewed beer. Those beers were brewed with a slant towards utilizing Mexican ingredients. Utilizing local agave in an American pale ale and brewing with hibiscus and tamarindo in a Belgian wheat to name a couple.

This time around we are going with three of Dos Aves seasonal offerings. One, a pumpkin ale which most Mexicans have no idea about since they don't celebrate thanksgiving and subsequently are unfamiliar with the traditional pumpkin pie that north Americans are accustomed to. The other two are classics styles that we only have room at the new brewery to brew once a year for the winter season. One is a 9% Russian imperial stout and the other a 8.5% Belgian golden strong. The yeast I used in this strong ale is pretty interesting as it imparts almost chardonnay wine like flavors and is very dry. Actually, now that I think of it most Mexicans are unfamiliar with these other two beers also. But, I expect this will soon change as the desire for craft beer is quickly becoming popular here in Mexico and craft and import beers are growing beyond the homogeneous but deadly grip of Modelo.

Noren has come up with a unique menu for this selection of beers and it's sound pretty delicious. For starters we'll be having a creamed ginger-squash soup with the pumpkin ale. Following this, for the main course, a choice of either a beer braised brisket or jumbo shrimp in a sun-dried tomato pesto served with garlic mashed potatoes and baby carrots and Brussels sprouts along with Russian imperial stout. To finish, our Belgian golden strong will be featured with a brie and goat cheese platter with grapes and apples as dessert.

If you're local to San Miguel or soon to be visiting, please make your reservation now as seating is limited. Contact Noren at: 152-4265


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