Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Beer And Food

So, where was I?... Oh yeah, thinking about how hard it is to brew when it's not a hobby. I'm writing this after cleaning up several gallons of IPA that overflowed a keg that I was racking while trying to mash in for another beer.

Being pre-occupied with one project while trying to perform multiple tasks gets me into trouble often here at the new cerveceria. But who has time to focus on only one thing, this isn't a hobby any more. Oh how I long for the days of simply watching the kettle boil while enjoying a few homebrews. Now it's brewing double batches twice a week to achieve the needed 40 gallons of beer. Keeping my fingers crossed that the supplier will show up with the bottles I ordered so that I can transfer beer from kegs to bottles to be able to rack the fermented beer into the recently emptied kegs so that the fermentor is available for the next batch of beer. Rinse and repeat.

Ah, hang on. I see that the R.O. water tank is overflowing.

But I'm not complaining, I'm excited about this project and honestly the times I'm brewing is when I enjoy it the most. It's just difficult to keep the momentum going while simply selling beer to purchase more ingredients to brew more beer to sell. Rinse and repeat again.

Reverse osmosis producing 50 gallons of water a day
On a positive note, the beers are coming out awesome (no, really, they are awesome) and the people are asking for Dos Aves. We're expanding on the number of retail outlets every week and it's simply a matter of time before we'll find ourselves needing to expand to a larger facility with bigger equipment. In the mean time, I used some of the recent IndioGogo campaign money (thank you all and you know who you are) to purchase a new Reverse Osmosis water filter system that can put out 50 gallons of pure water a day compared to our old filter that produced 5 gallons a day. It has an internal pump to process our gravity fed water system. No more waiting on accumulated water. Of course I also needed to purchase a holding tank for the water. From there I pump the R.O. water into my mash tun and hot liquor tank. A lot easier than lifting 5 gallon water bottles over my head.

Meanwhile.... I just got off the phone with the bottle supplier and from what I can gather with my limited Spanish he's out of boxes so can't ship bottles but promises he'll get them tomorrow and will ship my order then. Oh, and one of my CO2 tanks hasn't been returned by the gas guy as promised this morning but he's in town and I can at least hunt him down.

Did I say I'm not complaining? Well it's true. I'm working within a culture that has a different sense of time than what I'm used to but I'm slowly adapting. For instance I've learned that if a vendor doesn't return your call or answer your email it's because they don't have an answer or don't have what you ordered. They hate giving you bad news. Fact.

Having a beer everyday helps and it doesn't hurt if your beer is pretty tasty. Gotta go, my wort is boiling over.

By the way, for those that regularly follow this blog, if you're asking yourself what the 'Beer and Food' title is all about on a very beer only site, it's simply to try and get more hits which could lead to some additional Adsense revenue. My thinking is that maybe some foodies will be drawn in by the 'Food' part of the title and start following Beer Diary. Desperate times call for desperate measure. Cheers all! 

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