Thursday, February 5, 2009

Beer and Food Pairing

I wanted to know if any of my readers have done a homebrew and food pairing, or even a commercial beer and food pairing? This is a new experience for me and I could use the tips. Please comment below if you have some good advise or talk about your experience.
In any case I delivered one hundred bottles of beer to the restaurant and it looks like it's on for a homebrew and food pairing here in San Miguel de Allende. I have teamed up with Noren Caceres, the owner of the 'El Burrito Bistro' and we have made our final plans for a reservations only dinner on the 7th of February from 5-8pm. Noren just informed me yesterday that we have the sixty people reserved that we can accomodate. Each person will be getting a sample (5oz.) of each of my three beers along with an appropriate course prepared by Noren. The beers will be the Belgian ale made with the addition of jamaica (hibiscus flower) and tamarindo. Followed by a pale ale with miel de agave and then a pale ale made with a serious amount of the local honey that I purchased at the tuesday outdoor market. Noren wrote in the article that came out in the local paper
"I'm hoping that the beer tasting menu will create a harmonious experience of flavors that accent and celebrate these exceptional ales. The first course, served with the tangy Jamaica Ale, will be a baked portabello mushroom stuffed with requeson cheese and herbs on a bed of greens with a balsamic and sun-dried tomato vinaigrette or a tomato and sweet pepper shrimp bisque. The main course, served with the rich Agaveza Ale, a vegetable cous cous and your choice of lamb, chicken or vegetarian tagine. And the sweet Tianguis Ale will be served with a fruit and cheese platter, a dessert that will allow you to experiment with the various flavors and sensations this beer invokes. So I invite you to take a night off from the six pack in the fridge and taste the dream of San Miguel´s locally produced, hand-crafted beer by Mark Taylor".
I will follow up on this post with pictures of the events and lessons learned from the night of homebrew and food.


TrueBrewBlog said...

Hi Mark! I have hosted several commercial and private homebrew dinners/tastings. It sounds to me from what you are describing that you have all the basics down already: You've selected your beers and matched them with food that you think will work best. From the sound of your menu you are probably more organized than you know. Only two things are important at this stage, one is being sure when the food is ready to be served on time with the beer and two (most important of all) bring extra beer for people to sample, especially if you want to hear them rave on and on about your brewing! Anyhow, good luck and cheers!

Mark Taylor said...

Thanks for the heads up TrueBrewBlog. I don't have a lot of extra beer left but what I have I will definately spread around. I'll keep you posted on the results.

Ben said...

This is just awesome. I'm so jealous!

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