Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beer Review 'HORUS'

Another offering from the brewery Cervecera Mexicana in Penjamo, Guanajuato, Mexico. This is the third of three beers that I've reviewed which are brewed in the micro-brewery/tequillaria not far from San Miguel de Allende, where we've been staying. This is an unusual beer in that a large percentage of it is added 'house' tequilla along with a noticable quantity of artificial lime flavoring, not to mention some sodium benzoate for good measure. At 12% abv. this is a potent concoction. After first pouring, a small head forms but dissipates almost immediately, which seems to be a signature conditions for the beers of this brewery. Little carbonation is evident once the head is gone. The color is a dark brown with ruby highlights. The aroma is of sweet coffee and alcohol. This beer is dominated by the tequilla and the smokey flavor that is a byproduct of the process of roasting the heart of the agave plant prior to fermentation. It follows with distinct caramelized malt and artificial lime additions along with the flavor and warmth of alcohol. There is also just a hint of tobacco at the very end. I'm not completely sure I want to call this beer. It wicks on the glass like brandy and comes across as a coffee liquor rather than an ale. Out of curiosity, I looked over the Beer Advocate web site and came across a concensus of opinions which were negative overall. I would agree with the ratings I read when I consider that this is suppose to be beer but if I were subjected to a blind tasting and was told it was not beer, I would have to say that it is not completely objectionable. I think, served in a snifter and at room temperature, this product may be a pleasant after dinner drink, a winter warmer or appartif. My general impression is that this is not a great beer but has its merits when looked at from outside the box.
Beer and Tequilla don't mix

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