Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Brewing Class Finals

We finished the summer five week brewing classes here in sunny California with a fantastic day of homebrew/food pairings and tastings using the beer we brewed in class.

Bottles of Hefeweizen, along with a keg of Pale ale and a keg of Stout were on tap. as we spent the early part of the day going over the mechanics of building a kegerator from a chest freezer and forced carbonation techniques. My co-instructor Dave brought in his computer and spent some time reviewing brewing software like beersmith and promash.

Soon we were evaluating the beers that were brewed in class and finally matched those beers up with food that the students brought. Assorted cheeses, sushi, pizza, chocolate, tri-tip steak and bread pudding were some of the fare that we enjoyed. All was washed down with the beer, the results of our labors in class over the past five weeks.

I believe the classes were a success and that the students took away all the information that they would need to start brewing at home and I was sad to end the day as we said our goodbyes. Now I will spend some time fine tuning the curriculum for the upcoming fall classes. There is some recipe changes I need to make based on the finished beers we sampled and I will need to upload the new material onto the website for the next batch of students to access.

I am finding it very satisfying to teach a subject that I love but it's a hell of a lot of work to prepare and stay focused for those weeks. It is also a great reward when I find some of the students go on to brew their own beer and continue down the path of the worlds greatest hobby.

See you in the fall.


Scott said...

That sounds like a great time, and quite educational! Who said school is a waste?

mark said...

No waste here. In fact, the students took home the rest of the beer in the kegs by filling plastic bottles that they brought in and filled from the taps.

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